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 114 W Washington St, Strasburg, VA 22657


EARLY RISER? Join us @ 8 a.m. in the Sanctuary to renew your spirit. Special music every 4th Sunday by the Ambassadors of Joy!

THE COFFEE AND TEA ROOM opens at 8:45 upstairs in the fellowship hall.


LOOKING FOR A MORE CASUAL SETTING? Try our 9:30 service in the fellowship hall! Music and Internet support in a coffee house setting!

LOOKING FOR A TRADITIONAL SERVICE? Join us at 11 A.M. to enjoy our Youth

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Ambassadors Of Joy

Ambassadors Of Joy

New To Strasburg

Are you new to Strasburg?

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New to Strasburg

When our group was formed, we chose the name the Ambassadors of Joy with the hope we would spread the joy of God’s love through our musical ministry.  It didn’t take long for us to realize that no matter how much joy we were to spread to others, it simply wouldn’t add up to the amount of joy we have received from this experience.   Each time we line up to sing, we feel blessed for the opportunity.

(pics from the studio)

Recording1Recording2studio2 2009Studio2009

As the Ambassadors of Joy, we thank God, first and foremost, for the opportunities and blessings that have been showered upon us.  Also, a special thank you is in order for our families who have given of themselves and understand when schedules get difficult.  Thank you for always being there for us.  In addition, thank you to our Strasburg United Methodist Church family for all the encouragement and love you give us and for letting us be ourselves.  Thanks to Rev. Michael Frank, for being a part of this precious gift we know as AOJ.  For all the “best times” we shared, you are always in our hearts.  A big thank you goes to those individuals who are included in the “Friends of AOJ Circle” for your generous support of our group, our ministry and this project.  We would not have realized this dream without your help.  Those friends include:

The Late Nancy Hisghman,  Charlie and Lisa Higgs,  Bill and Betty Stevens and  Brenda Axtell


CD Cover

This is a sample of each of the tracks on our Close to Home CD. You can contact a member of the Ambassadors of Joy if you are interested in purchasing the CD.

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